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Furniture artists guide to: 

  • Finding the best quality, trustworthy furniture paint products;  

  • Sealing pieces to last for generations

  • Saving money while investing in the best furniture paint

  • Improve artistry skills and master application techniques- Glazing, blending & more! 

  • Boosting confidence & become a master at selling your pieces

  • Attracting your ideal high-end paying clients 

  • Mastering Social Media & avoiding pitfalls and burnout

As furniture artists, the quality of the products we use on our pieces will determine how long our finishes last.  Often times expensive brands overpromise while underperforming, leaving us frustrated & over budget. 


How would you like to make your OWN high-quality, durable mineral paint that will make your finishes last for generations while saving you a TON of money? 

My training videos will walk you through just how easy this process is! I have been using these products in my business for 8+ years now & have never had a complaint about my finished pieces. The process is super fun, extremely easy & leaves you in complete control of your creativity (with endless color options) and your budget.


What People are saying

Seaside Seal Review

UHMMM let's just say, this SEAL IS THE BEST SEAL! The end! It’s a game changer for ALL Of your pieces but especially for your heavy-use pieces like tables and nightstands.  It’s so easy to apply and I couldn’t believe how fast it cured! Touch dry in under an hour and delivery-ready within 5! AMAZED! 


~Kristin NV 


Master the art of pricing right - Newly published e-book written exclusivly for furntiture artists;  Ready to blossom is a 100 page comprehensive guided deisgned to take the guesswork out of pricing while connecting you wiht your ideal client.  It's so much more than just a pricing guide, this book is the industry bible for best business practices ​- available for immediate download

Master Class Painting Techniques - Mastering techniques in this industry can feel overwhelming and lonely.  My Furniture Artist Master class is designed specifically for beginner and intermediates who are looking to: find their ideal pieces, hone in their skills & take the guess work out of the work flow process; **This class includes my newly published book "Ready to Blossom" — available for immediate viewing

Business Coaching Services- 

Starting out in this industry can feel overwhelming and lonely. I know because I've been where you are right now! It took me 10 years to get to where I am today, but listen, we ALL start somewhere and We all START at the beginning, so if you are feeling overwhelmed and lonely, I'm here to help! My coaching is nurturing and compassionate and is designed to meet you exactly where you are right now and guide you towards your goals.


What People are saying

Ready to Blossom Review

Nikki’s book  Ready to Blossom changed my life!  The strategies in this book are not only easy to implement, but they WILL also lead to higher sales while building your local community reputation.  This book helped me transform my business and the confidence I now feel is amazing!  I highly recommend this book to any artist who is struggling with pricing and aligning with their ideal client!


~Rebecca TX 

Hello Mermaids!

I'm Nikki- The face behind Mermaid Chique

I'm a furniture artist with our 10 years of experience in the industry and have a deep-rooted passion for helping other artists grow their furniture flipping businesses. Whether you are looking to improve skills, implement income boosting business strategies or align with the best furniture painting products in the industry, I am here to help. 

believe there is room at the top for all of us to find success and I want to help you find yours. My approach is to meet you where you are on your journey, with love, compassion and encouragement and help you along the path towards your goals. 

I have helped countless furniture artists align with their creativity and their passions and have watched them transform their businesses from 'barely' making ends meet into fully blossomed Companies that are flourishing with creativity and financial flow. 

I'd love to help you on your journey! Reach out to me and lets get started! 

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