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The Mermaid Paint Line helps you:

  • create timeless pieces 

  • no chipping or peeling paint

  • unlimited color choices

  • no sanding or priming required

  • dries silky smooth

  • achieve no brushes or grungy texture; the choice is yours

  • cured finishes are heated, water & scratch resistant 

  • Seaside Seal is touch-dry in an hour and delivery dry in just a few!

  • saves you money; mix with any brand water or acrylic-based paint!

  • made of earthly minerals that bond to your furniture like no other; this is not chalk paint, it's better! 

The magic is in the minerals!

Simply mix with your favorite water-based paint and BOOM! you have a creamy & Highly durable furniture paint, saving you time, money & frustration. 

Mermaid Paint Shopping


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